A guide to synthetic papers

In order to demonstrate the advantages and characteristics of synthetic paper as a print medium, DEP have produced a colourful illustrated guide to their Synplas brand of synthetic papers and the extensive range of printing applications that they can be used for.

The informative guide is an A5 size concertina-folded leaflet that has been printed on one of the Synplas products by Litho printer Blackmore Ltd. The product concerned, SPA 150, demonstrates both the quality of print that can be obtained when printed on synthetic paper as well as the appearance and feel of the finished article together with the ability of the product to take creasing and to fold flat if required. “

Since Synplas papers are waterproof, tear resistant, and also repel oils and grease, they are particularly useful for outdoor applications or in places where contact with liquids, heavy handling, and humidity may mean that ordinary paper cannot be considered. Printed items such as maps and handbooks or manuals which are continually in use are featured as examples in the guide.

Included in the leaflet are tables showing the different grades and weights of synthetic papers that are available and photographic examples of the types of documents and printed items that have been printed using Synplas papers. Advice is also given on “How to Print Synplas” and there is further information about Product availability and the Contact Details for DEP Ltd.

Additional variants of Synplas are available with coatings specially developed by DEP for wide-format printing with Digital Inkjet and Eco-Solvent printers. Some of these products are listed in the leaflet as well.

The environmental advantage of using Synplas is that it is produced 100% from polypropylene and is therefore completely recyclable.

To obtain your free copy of the guide please contact us.