Polymer Base – Self-Adhesive

NEW from DEP! For Flexo Platemaking.

Polymer Base – Self-Adhesive

ASTRABASE S/A, our new self-adhesive base film for the manufacture of liquid Flexographic printing plates. ASTRABASE features our proven proprietary coating that gives permanent adhesion to most commercially available photopolymer resins.

On the reverse side of the ASTRABASE is a new and specially channelled acrylic adhesive layer. This permits the release of any trapped air and the easy mounting of finished plates to plate carrier material. It also allows easy repositioning of the plates.

Astrabase S/A has an extremely strong self-adhesive layer. The unique closed construction of the patterned adhesive air channels, allied with the protective backing liner ensures excellent handleability of the exposed plate.

In addition complete protection of the patterned adhesive layer from any chemical contamination is assured throughout the washout process.

Finally, superior adhesion of finished plate to the plate carrier is gained through the higher degree of overall adhesive coverage.

This innovative enhancement to our existing product now enables the operator to fix the plate with bubble free application to the plate carrier, thus eliminating the need for the use of mounting tapes and speeding up the plate making process.

ASTRABASE S/A Photopolymer Base is available in thicknesses of 125 and 175 microns and is supplied in standard roll widths of 1448mm and 1295mm, as well as a selection of sheet sizes.


Sheet sizes: 867mm x 1321mm 125μ
867mm x 1448mm 175μ
Roll size: 867mm x 60m 125µ
Roll size: 1448mm x 60m 125μ; 175µ
Roll size: 1448mm x 274m 175μ

Other sheet and roll sizes are available on request.


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