Synthetic Papers

Our Synplas range of materials offer an extensive selection of polypropylene synthetic papers from 60 to 500 microns thick that are waterproof, tear resistant and 100% Recyclable. These are ideal for labels, menus, tags, manuals and posters.  The material is suitable for printing by popular printing methods such as offset litho, UV, Flexo, Screen, eco-solvent and Indigo.

The use of Synplas Synthetic papers ensures superb printing results with brilliant colours and excellent contrast definition. Our materials have been selected for their unique ability to satisfy the demands of a wide variety of applications.

Synplas has the look and feel of paper with the advantage of improved strength and durability

Durable Labels and Tags

DEP offers materials ideally suited for high performance labels and tags.

Key Characteristics

– Printable using a wide range of printing methods
– 100% Water proof
– Tear Resistant
– Chemical and Grease Resistant
– Easy to Die-Cut and to Eyelet

Synplas has the look and feel of paper with the advantage of strength and durability. It offers excellent performance and comes in a selection of thickness and weight. The material is available in rolls and cut sheets to meet customer requirements. Sample sheets are readily available for trials.

Label stock

Materials include Synplas PG75 and PG95: 75 micron and 95 micron white has a printable coating one side and an adhesive receptive surface on reverse face. Ideal for label stock, including wrap-around labels. Brighter white, waterproof and resistant to yellowing Synplas PG75 is also available in Inkjet Matte and Gloss and is suitable for printers such as Memjet, Primera, Trojan, Inca.

Luggage Labels and Tags

Synplas SPH 150 micron and SPH 180 micron are suitable for baggage tags and robust industrial tags.

Synplas SPH products are printable on both sides with conventional inks * and have good tear resistance in both directions. (* full oxidising inks)

SPC, SPCT and SPCD are heavier board weight materials suitable for posters, cards, tags, horticultural labels and folders where robust performance is required. SPC and SPCD materials are also available as one or two-side Indigo coated materials.

Maps, Booklets, Menus, and Manuals

Synplas SPA and SPH are the ideal print substrates for outdoor maps, booklets, book covers, charts, and technical manuals where continuous use and exposure to harsh conditions requires a more robust material than traditional paper.

Used with kind permission of Dah-Di-Dah Publishing

Used with kind permission of Dah-Di-Dah Publishing

Waterproof, tear resistant, and easily folded, SPA is available in thicknesses of 120 and 150 micron. SPA materials are uncoated and suitable for printing by Offset Litho, UV Litho, Flexographic, and Screen Printing processes. All SPH grades have a fast-dry coating and are printable both sides with conventional inks.

SPH is suitable for Menus, Certificates, Calendars, Training Manuals, Golf Score cards, Electrical diagrams, Book Jackets, Diplomas, Parking Permits, Door hangers, Ring Catalogues, Equipment labels, and Identification Documents.

Self-adhesive Stickers and Labels

Synplas SPQ60 60 micron gloss white label stock is suitable for adhesive coating of self-adhesive labels. Also suitable for die-cutting for stickers

Synplas PP 100 VC Gloss Lo Tac 100 micron white gloss with a removable adhesive is ideal for semi-permanent decal and sign label applications such as window graphics and vehicle signage or advertising. The material is suitable for eco-solvent printing.

Synplas METPET 100 IJCF chrome silver coated polyester available in non adhesive and self-adhesive format with lay flat release liner. Versions are supplied for printing with Aqueous and UV cured inks.

These metallised films are excellent for IN mould labels and Label Doming applications for badges, stickers and displays.

SPC, SPCT and SPCD are heavier board weight materials suitable for posters, cards, tags, horticultural labels and folders where robust performance is required.

Banding Tapes

The excellent Tear resistance and durability of Synplas SPA 120 and 150 makes this the ideal material for banding of currency notes, cards, documents and printed sheets. These two products offer good ultra-sonic bonding properties and can be supplied in reels to customer specified widths and is available printed or unprinted.

Products for Banners and Posters

Synplas SPH polypropylene synthetic papers offer excellent printing quality for indoor and long term outdoor posters and are lightweight, waterproof, tear and chemical and UV resistant. The SPH product range includes materials from 100 to 200 micron in thickness. Both faces of SPH grade papers have a bright white printable surface. Synplas SPH is a 100% recyclable material and is therefore a more sustainable printing media for Posters and signage than PVC.

Indoor and Outdoor Banners:

Synplas SPH 180 white polypropylene is available with an eco-solvent printable coating as Synplas PP 180 VC (Gloss or matt) or wide format printing applications. Synplas PP 180 VC is ideal for outdoor use being 100% waterproof and tear-resistant in two directions. The product is also available in a self-adhesive version. It is recommended that the printed side is overlaminated for longer life.
For Aqueous Inkjet printers use Synplas PP 180 PI. This product is only recommended for indoor applications.