Speciality Tapes

DEP’s expertise in developing, coating and converting print receptive and adhesive coated products has led it to become a leading manufacturing partner to a wide range of diverse tape suppliers.

Working under confidentiality agreements we modify our own chemistry to meet exact and demanding customer requirements.

DEP are a leading converter of paper and film based tapes for banding bank notes and stationery.

DEP now has the following expertise for the Tape market

  • Development and pilot production
  • Precision coating and lamination
  • Printing
  • Narrow Tape manufacturing and converting

Main applications

Heat Seal Banding Tapes

DEP are a leading converter of paper and film based tapes for banding stationery, bank notes and consumer items. Fast and clean with no wet adhesives to soil the product or self-adhesive to damage the packaging.


  • A range of paper based materials in brown, white and printed.
  • Film based materials for strength.
  • Product formulated to seal by traditional heat-seal or ultrasonic bonding.
  • Tape width from 12 mm to 500 mm.
  • Roll length from 50 m to 1500m.
  • Various core sizes to suit equipment.

Heat Seal banding tapes can be produced specifically for automated machines in the industry such as Akebono and Palamides.

Other products available include:

Self Adhesive Calico and Linen

Calico cloth and linen tapes coated with a pressure sensitive adhesive with a release liner.

Application: Spine binding particularly where repeated folding is involved such as for a Passport.

Acid Free White Wood Free

A light weight paper coated with re-moistenable adhesive. A material which is excellent for archival applications because of acid free properties.